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Flowers are one of the most important elements of your wedding day! They symbolize life, growth and rebirth and add the “wow” factor to the day’s decorations. Wedding flowers are one of the things guests will remember most. So if you want your wedding to be a blooming success, we suggest you consider these tips to avoid any major floral faux pas.


Know your budget

Even though couples have a rough budget for their wedding when asked about their flowers budget they often cannot give a definite answer and that can cause misunderstandings. Consider yourself wanting to buy a car, wouldn’t you inform the salesman if you are interested in a Ferrari, BMW or Ford? The same applies to your wedding flowers. It is really important for us to know your budget so that we can work around it!


Flower colors on photos can be really deceiving

The most common place for a bride-to-be to start searching for their wedding flowers is online (and bridal magazines). However, you should bear in mind that many of the photographs you see there can be misleading as most photos are color-corrected beyond what is realistic. Flowers are living organisms and their colors can vary from season to season. Our team of experts are here to help you understand the undertones of different varieties and end-up choosing the flower colors you actually wish to have on your special day.


The white flowers that are actually not white

A common “disappointment” some brides shared with us through the years of woring with them is that their flowers, mostly roses and calla lillies, were not actually pure white. The thing is that Mother Nature almost never makes anything a pure white. Most of what we call “white” flowers are actually varying shades of ivory. For example, among florists worldwide, the white avalanche rose is referred to and is considered white whereas in reality it is off-white in color. The same applies for calla lilies too, whereas white hydrangeas are indeed pure white in color. Flowers have such a dazzling array of textures and sometimes even varying shades of the same color within a single bloom that makes the end result even more special and dazzling. Trust your florist and remember in flower designs and decorations it is not about matching but about complementing.


See the big picture

So, you have your flower colors all chosen and now it is time to try and visualize them in the actual decorations. As most venues in Santorini have wonderful views of the island and the scenic surroundings tall centerpieces often obstruct the view; is this something that you want? Being flexible and comfortable with substitution and trusting your florist will ensure you have the perfect outcome on your wedding day.

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