Frequently Asked Questions

I am planning my wedding from abroad. Please, HELP me!

Rest assured that you will get all the help you need. Many of our clients are organising their big day from abroad. We try to make the whole process as easy as possible for you, by being available for any query you may have, sending you comprehensive quotes and design proposals, visual ideas. To feel more comfortable and in order to get to know who you are working with, we can also chat on the phone or via Skype; anything that will take the stress off you!


Do you have wedding packages?

We do not have specific wedding packages, as we strongly believe in tailoring each and every one of our weddings to the couples’ individual needs. Some brides request only their bridal bouquet, while others have bouquets for multiple bridal attendants and dozens of reception centrepieces and decorations.

Every single request is equally important to us and we take pride in making your wishes come true, whether simple or well challenging!

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer?

One of the most common misconceptions among brides and grooms is about the responsibilities and talents associated with a wedding planner and a wedding designer. While they both work towards the common goal of making your wedding day fabulous, the job responsibilities of each professional are actually very different.

A wedding planner is the expert when it comes to the management, logistics and planning of your wedding. A planner’s role includes budget tracking, contract negotiations, timelines, vendor referrals and the overall “how” of the wedding. Your wedding planner will ensure that your special day runs smoothly. She is as a trusted advisor on everything wedding related, a shoulder to lean on and the person who will give you peace of mind that all the details will be tended to. A wedding planner is the ultimate task master making sure timelines are met, vendors are called. She is your best advocate with nobody’s interest in their mind but your own. The wedding planner is working really hard to ensure the vision you have in mind for your dream wedding comes to life.

Wedding Wish, a wedding designer, on the other hand, shines when designing the aesthetics of your wedding. This is where the “wow” factor comes in. We work with you to develop your vision and bring it to fruition. Conceptualization, styling, design – colours, décor, candle lighting are key elements handled by us in order to make your dream wedding come true. We have the ability to create things from scratch according to your wishes. We have all of the tools and team in place to oversee and direct all aspects of decoration at the wedding ceremony as well as the reception; what you see, we create, often even on-site! Linen, bouquets, centrepieces, photo backdrops, favor ideas, ceremony programs, floor plans, decor, candle lighting; all are details that make up the look and vibe of your wedding and we help you to perfect them.

We love to bring the pretty to every occasion and would be thrilled to partner with your planner to make it happen.

Why is it necessary to fill-in the Questionnaire?

As each wedding is a unique event, it is important that each floral design reflects your personality, and exactly what you envisioned for your day. In order to accomplish that, when you first approach Wedding Wish for assistance, we ask you to fill-in a specially designed Questionnaire. This is our first step to learn all about you. At this questionnaire we ask you lots of questions about your venue, date, likes, dislikes and preferences for style, in an effort to get to know your taste. We also try to learn a little about your personality and of course your love story. This way we ensure we have plenty of information from which to draw the details that will make your dream wedding unique and special.


What do I need to have prepared for my flower decor consultation?

It is always a great idea to put together some inspiration images or a Pinterest board to reflect the style you are hoping to capture. If you already have photos of your wedding dress and any other ideas or photos you may have concerning the decoration and the atmosphere you wish to create will greatly help in creating what you wish for your wedding. Any items you want incorporated into the decor, such as a special memento, are always good to be mentioned too. Based on your likes and dislikes, we will create a distinctive proposal specifically designed only for you. Every bride and groom is unique, so is Your wedding!


Why is it important to know the budget you wish to spend on your wedding decoration?

An important question in our Questionnaire refers to the budget you would like to spend for your wedding flower decoration. Before you start any planning, it is important to know your exact budget. It will help us to more accurately reflect your dreams and personality while suggesting ways to make your money work for you. It will also save you a lot of heartache, as it is not enjoyable to make big plans and then have to alter them because you can’t afford them.


Why do I need to pick a wedding theme?

It’s important to choose some sort of theme or common style before you get into organizing your wedding. By choosing a theme or some other style that has personal meaning to you, your wedding will have a personality and creativeness all of its own. Deciding early on whether you want a romantic, rustic or an oriental-themed wedding will help you choose your dress, venue, flowers, and many other aspects.


What if I don’t have a vision in my mind?

If you are still struggling in finding the proper style for your unique wedding, we are more than willing to help you by offering creative suggestions that reflect “you”. We can go through images together to suggest flowers that will work with your personal style, season, and location. We have lots of experience and can make practical suggestions for what will make the most of your budget.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

We do not have a specific price list but instead the exact price is calculated for every couple, after you show us exactly what you have in mind for your dream wedding decoration. The final price depends on the type of flowers you will choose, the season and hence availability of flowers, as well as the complexity of the designs you will go for.


Who will set up the flowers on my wedding day?

Wedding Wish has an experienced team who designs and uses only the freshest, best quality flowers, especially ordered from abroad for you, to create your arrangements. Those experienced professionals ensure all the floral arrangements for your wedding are perfectly prepared for your arrival on your special day. We have the right tools and experience to create, build and set-up the decor you wish to have on your wedding day. Overseeing and directing all aspects of the decoration plan, as well as production and design, installation and completion is our responsibility. Any possible alterations that may be required, due to changing weather conditions for example, our team is ready at all times to carry them out ensuring your special day is as perfect as it should be.

Can I bring down my own decor and favors?

If you wish to bring your own decor and/or favors, you are more than welcome to do so, however, we would not recommend it as it will add up to your stress levels on your big day. Do you really need the stress of assembling floral arrangements and favors the night before your wedding? Here at Wedding Wish, we try to make the whole process of your wedding decoration as stress-free as possible for you. Still, if you decide to do so, please note that you will have to inform us of the items and exact number you will be bringing with you, as there is an applicable set up fee since our team will handle their arrangement for a perfect and harmonizing final outcome.

Why have a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are increasingly popular with couples today. This ‘eloping with a crowd’ kind of wedding appeals to those that want to run away and get married, but at the same time, want to share the experience with friends and family.

A destination wedding is almost guaranteed to be simpler to plan, a great way to avoid possible family dramas while spending no-rush quality playtime with dear, far-flung friends and family members. And best of all? You make the rules. Feel free to wear a sundress or shorts, even a bikini, go barefoot, and toast your love alone on your balcony at sunset! If you can dream it, you can do it.

When is the best time to start planning my wedding decoration?

As flowers are a significant important feature of your wedding day, it is never too early to get organized. In general, six to eight months in advance of your wedding date is a good time to select the flowers for your wedding. This will allow us to begin looking for any specialty items you might need. Wedding flowers can be highly specific and colours often have to be very precise, so the sooner we can start planning the better.


What types of services do you offer?

We can create all of your floral needs for your wedding from bouquets, boutonnieres and centrepieces to altar and gazebo arrangements and even floral garlands. We also have an extensive range of wedding accessories for your day, stationery, favors, candles, as well as any special detail you can imagine, from small votives to large feature pieces. We can also handle most aspects of your event from place cards, table numbers and seating plan. We can provide welcome bags for your guests, tulle bags with Jordan almonds or souvenirs from Santorini. And as sweet corners can be really romantic, we can organize one for your wedding providing all things necessary like, cupcakes, wedding biscuits, marshmallows etc.


What styles do you work with?

We are known for our natural- inspired design with a love of magic and an eye for the unique. We think flowers are inherently beautiful and take pride in preserving their natural form, color and texture. Rustic, vintage, classy, romantic, elegant, modern, navy, boho-chic; whatever style and theme you wish for your special day, we can make it happen. With the experience we have, we can help you design the perfect wedding decor to suit the style of your wedding!

What happens if the flowers I want aren’t in season on my wedding date?

An important question we ask you when you first approach Wedding Wish is which your favourite blooms are. While many flowers are available throughout the year, there are those that bloom during specific seasons only. During the planning stages, we will know whether or not your preferred blooms will be available on your date. If not, you can trust us and our experience in advising you on beautiful alternatives that will create an equally enchanting result.