Flowers… oh, flowers!

First thing that comes in mind when you are dreaming of fairylike wedding scenery is flowers, isn’t it? Flowers everywhere: on the ceremony arch, across the aisle, on the tables, hanging from every possible surface! Lush arrangements and delicate floral details made with unique blooms, giving off captivating aromas do certainly complete in a romantic & memorable way the sweet atmosphere of such a special lifetime event!

What can bring your decorations to another level is the further use of your specific wedding flowers in creative ways that will result in a unique and unexpected outcome. Here are some ways that your signature flower will stand out through the night by being used strategically through mesmerizing details!

Floral pretty things

All the beautiful floral creations that the bridal party and your beloved attendants are offered to hold or wear, are not only greatly appreciated but they are also eye-catching elements that complete the decoration concept. Flower wreaths, wrist & pin corsages will accessorize in grace your honored guests, incorporating your signature blooms in some unique micro-creations!

Flower shower

This special moment when the knot is just tied and the Mr & Mrs are doing their dramatic exit with the help of the excited guests showering them with love & petals, is a great opportunity for your flowers to loom! Forget the overdone blush & white rose petals and dare to incorporate on you flower shower some other appropriate yet distinct combo of fresh petals to highlight your wedding theme in color and smell!

No doubt that your reception tables will be decorated with some stunning arrangements matching the overall style. Consider decorating each post too with a flower piece, giving your guests the chance to touch these beauties which will also make the tables will look far more embellished!

The expert’s note: different flowers can be used alternately at every other plate for a modern twist at the table set up.

Taste the love!

If there’s one thing everybody loves at weddings, it’s the good food and all the special treats provided. Can you imagine your selected flower adding its flavor at the cocktails and the sweets? Yes, that’s right! This can happen either by flower essence extract or even with the edible edition of your flower which will also make a lovely decorative element!

PS: Sugar flowers will work as well!

Flower flames

Speaking of essentials, the dreamy wedding couldn’t lack in candles. Oh yes, we can’t get enough of the flickering romantic flames twinkling all around! Boost the presence of your signature flower by picking a few floral scented candles and combine the romantic glow with the seductive aroma in a multisensory experience!

Please, do try this at home!

In terms of giveaways, the floral choices are numerous and oh-s0-pretty! You can offer to your guests some tasteful bloomy product to consume afterwards in remembrance of your special day, like jam, syrup, liquor or some special candy!

Or maybe treat them with some beauty/care product with the distinct smell or healing essence of your wedding flower, how thoughtful of you! A perfume, a soap or a lotion are just a few ideas to give some love back to your beloved ones.

A more literal but still awesome flower favor idea, is offering a little plant or even some seeds in a funky package, to your guests to grow at home!

Let the graphics speak!

One of the classic ways to enhance the presence of your selected flower is by using it all over your stationary graphics, in an artistic way! Sent a floral hint to your guests just upon inviting them and awaken their memories with some floral thank you cards!

While at the wedding, combine your printings with natural flowers! That alteration between drawn and physical blooms will definitely impress everyone!

How do you intend to use your signature flowers in some unexpected way to make your decorations a part of the overall wedding experience? Share your thoughts, along with some love, in the comments below!  

Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source:  Thanasis Kaiafas & Pinterest

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