The ultimate survival guide for the pre-wedding period

Will you? Oh, yes! Fine, let’s start planning, we have so much to do! Wait, what?

Planning your own wedding can be so fun & exciting. The thing is that you have never done it before. Or maybe you have, no judgment; and you know how stressful it can be. Here is a piece of advice on how you can deal with it, in order to keep everything under control, as all that matters is being a happy spouse to be!

Scheduling is a life saver! Well, for the control freaks at least. If you want to remain calm during the planning period, all you have to do is ensure in advance that you won’t lose it at some point. Start with a rough program that covers the months to come and try to be consistent.

Set a few hours per week to dedicate on your research and bookings. Your preparations should be a part time activity or else you will get overwhelmed. You also have a life, remember? That way, your will get things crossed off your list every week and still have the time to reflect on your next moves.

Try to be ahead of time. There is no such thing as too early. The wedding venue of your dreams, possibly belongs in others couples’ dreams as well. Check the availability of every service you wish to have at your selected date, so as to ensure that you can actually get them.

Stick to your decisions and avoid the what ifs. Overthinking will make you lose the joy. Usually the first impulse you have, is what you trully want. Once you complete each task just move forward! Later on, once the puzzle is about to be completed, you will be able to clearly see if any piece is mismatching.

Keep in mind that a critical point in your schedule is the moment that you hire your planner. No couple was born knowing everything concerning the key points of planning such a special lifetime event. Lucky them, the professionals can guide them perfectly through this magical journey.

You are not alone! Ask your beloved ones to help you. It can be just an opinion or even a task to finish. Your parents, probably they have done it before, your siblings, they know you oh-so-well and your besties, they definitely want to be a part of it! Besides the fun of it all, that will save you time and loads of pressure.

Don’t forget your partner; wedding is a couple’s thing after all. Even if one of you is better in undertaking hard projects, help is always appreciated.  Discuss whatever stresses you out and let them help you somehow. If possible, consider dividing the hard work.

Trust the pros you chose to work with. You are getting married for the first time (or second, well maybe third, yeah still funny) but them, they do execute life time events several times each month. No matter how particular you may be, these guys know exactly what they are talking about! Share your vision with them and rest in the experts’ hands.

Remember to be happy. Everything is new for you in the planet wedding and it’s ok to be slightly nervous till you figure it all out. However, if you relax and you think a bit ahead, it will all just be a piece of… wedding cake!

Did you find our guide helpful?

Stay tuned for the wedding day checklist of the stress-free bride!

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