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So you’ve been dreaming your wedding day ever since you were a little girl (or boy); love, kisses, flowers & dancing… just like your mama told you, how  cliché  sweet! And then you grew up, you became the lovely person that you are, you met your S.O. and aww, he/she popped the question: Marry me? And then you popped the real question: Boho chic destination wedding? Oh sure, you knew exactly what you want! Answer was Yes! and here we are.

The truth is that most of the couples do have a certain style in mind when they first approach their wedding designer and that’s awesome, because dreams-come-true is what we do!

Here are a few tips on how to start planning your wedding in order to result in having the desired styling effect at your big day.

Be clear

All you have to do to at first is to name your style and that’s a good step so as to start making your research. You have to be clear so as to stay focused, as sooner or later you will be found among numerous of tempting options that may disorientate you from the entire concept. Once you name it you can also start visualizing it. Pinterest is proven to be an excellent tool for your mood boards and why not, for your wish list too!

The experts’ advise: Stick to your style. During the planning period most of your beloved ones will express their opinions. Remember to concentrate on the result YOU aim for .It’s your day after all!

Forget about trends. Or maybe don’t

As mentioned above, during the pre-wedding period your choices will be unlimited, let also the current trends. But just because everybody follows them, doesn’t mean you should too. It’s rather important to clarify in advance your wedding colors and the visual impact you have in mind so that you avoid any impulsive styling fails. However you should follow the trends if they accent your vision or if you are the hip kind of a couple.

Mind the details

What you will possibly enjoy the most about designing your wedding is bringing together the concept with some extra-creative thought around the details. The couple’s chairs, the seating chart, the wish book etc will speak for themselves and still emphasize with style your selected theme. Best part of it? Besides your monogram, all the customizable items can bear somehow your styling signature!

See the big picture

That special feeling you want to create on your wedding scenery, is a synthesis of multiple factors. Besides the beautiful decoration you do imagine of, you should also look at the whole picture. Think of the planning process as puzzle whose every little piece, from the venue selection to the music list, has to fit in perfectly in order to compose a certain mood. So, dear bride, you set the vibe!

Intrigue your guests

Your wedding is about to be depicted for a lifetime in some stunning yet precious photos. Your guests too. Got the point? All the effort that you put on your decorations considering a specific concept will be captured in the background by your professional photographer. What if you customize the action as well! Imply to your guests the special ambiance you are about to set and make them a part of the concept. Suggest a dress code and also the color palette to be used. People will love to be creative on their style and the result will be more than unique!

Trust the experts

In styling issues, your wedding designer is your person. The expertise and the experience of your designer not only will inspire you further but also will unite the pieces of your thoughts in a consistent yet feasible project. Be wise and trust them from the very beginning as they will be the ones to execute in perfection the setting you have wished for.

More tips? We would love to hear your thoughts & your styling strategy in the comments below! 

Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source: Pinterest

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