the wedding color

Cliché as it may sound white is THE wedding color. 2016 and still every year the majority of the brides trust in white and they are proved to be… right! Symbol of purity, innocence, eternity (blah blah blah) but mostly the color that complements every bride and also makes each black tie event looking even more exclusive! Let’s give you a few more reasons to be one of the white brides of next season!

You are always…white

White is the all-time classic wedding color! Choose to go white on your wedding day and be automatically listed in the history of the elegant, timeless, classic brides. Speaking of styling, nothing can go wrong by choosing the king of wedding colors that will decorate in grace your wedding venue making it look polished and sophisticated!

 Here comes the… white

As most of the brides still pick white dresses, you will be happy to have countless white options for your wedding gown the year your wedding! Whatever your wedding style may be, you can be sure that each designer will definitely have to show you some interesting all-white dresses respecting the current trends. Pick the one suiting you the best and walk down the aisle in absolute… style!

Good news… even the unconventional brides or the low budget ones, still have unlimited options in white piece of clothing that if combined in a statement way, can perfectly replace the traditional wedding gowns!

Shine white like a diamond

Go for the white wedding theme and take it to another level embellishing it with diamonds, crystals & mirrors that will add to your special evening endless elegant reflections making your guests feeling as they are hosted at an exclusive event and are royally treated.

Glam on

Whether you are the gold or the silver type of bride, your white wedding theme will be undeniably combined perfectly with the luxurious metallic accents of your preference. Fabrics, candles, stationary items and more, can be the eye catching details that will shine in glam giving to your event an overall sense of luxury.

What about flowers?

Peonies, Orchids, Roses, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Calla lilies and the list goes on… are a few more reasons to pick a white theme. Each season has beautiful white flowers to choose from and your flower designer will properly guide you through picking some stunning blooms to incorporate in your arrangements!

The expert’s note… As flowers are living organisms their white tone may slightly vary depending on environmental factors. Only your flower designer knows how to combine them in your arrangements to white them up!

When in Santorini…

Give me a better color for the summer destination wedding… correct, there isn’t!

In Santorini your white dress and flowers will be stunningly bright in front of the caldera backdrop! Trust us, white is the ultimate Santorini wedding color for you and for your Mr…White!

Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source: Pinterest

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