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When we think of wedding decorations the first think that comes to mind is tons and tons of flowers with minimal to no foliage on the actual flower arrangements. What would you think, however, if we were to tell you that foliage is to become the new “wedding flower”? Yes, you read correctly! As surprising as it may seem, foliage can transform the plain to extra lavish and lush, it is by far more cost-friendly than your standard florals and is so versatile that can beautifully accent any wedding theme. Got your attention yet?

Cascading eucalyptus, overflowing ivy, silvery green olive leaves, rosemary, magnolia leaf are only some of the greenery you can choose for your big day that absolutely complement the striking natural beauty of Santorini as well as any other wedding affair; an outdoor afternoon party, a rustic farm wedding, an elegant farm affair, a formal indoor union. Be inspired for your own wedding below!



Greenery is most commonly used to add richness and texture to classic bridal blooms. If you really want to get creative and think outside of the box though an all-green over-sized bouquet is something you should seriously consider. It is not only beautiful but it can stand hot weather much better than any other bouquet. Of course, if you wish you can add a few simple flowers or just tie it with a beautiful ribbon and the end result will leave you breathless.

Wreaths of nature love

Garlands is a trend that is growing strong for 2017 wedding decorations. Long strands of foliage like jasmine, ivy and sweet pea stems can be used as a table runner for a fresh, lush and crisp welcome to the summer solstice. Long luxurious strands of eucalyptus or ivy tying back the overflowing curtains of a pergola creates a look that is both dreamy and charming. For a straight out of a fairy-tale effect, garlands can sweep the ceiling of your reception venue instead of the typical and overly used fairy lights. Additionally, consider decorating the entrance to the reception with a garland of leaves to give your guests a sneak peek of the magical inspiration they’ll find inside.


The way to your heart

The aisle is often overlooked when it comes to decoration even though it is where the bride makes her entrance and the happy couple takes the first steps of their journey together. A mix of greens is the perfect way to accent the aisle without making it too fussy. All is needed is to casually tie stems of foliage to center-aisle chairs and your grand entrance will become even more breathtaking.

Eco-friendly seating chart

Potted succulents are the perfect way to create your seating chart with your escort cards artfully laid on top. And they can serve as your wedding favors too. A beautiful idea for the eco-friendly bride and groom.


Chair decoration

Hanging decorations from the back of the happy couple’s chairs has become a rising trend at weddings. You can make them stand out from the rest by embellishing them with bundles of greenery.


Outdoor enchantment

Adorn ancient stone walls and old window sills with a variety of green branches and delicate candles as well as outdoor steps. This way the natural outdoor setting will be further enhanced and complemented.


Would you incorporate this style into your special day? We strongly believe you should! xoxo

Photos: Vangelis Photography, Anja Schneemann Photography

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