Pamper your guests

Having a destination wedding to the stunning island of Santorini is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Your wedding planning consists of a ceremony, reception, vacations for you and your guests, as well as your honeymoon all in one! As organizing everything from abroad can be really tricky and stressful we put together some tips to help you set-off! As you start the planning process, know that weddings aren’t easy and there is likely to be some stress before it is all over.

Time it right

Most weddings in Santorini take place during the summer which is the island’s high season as the weather is at its best at the time, or so many believe! Santorini’s weather however, is very good from late April beginning of May all the way to end of October. And while during summer time, the island is packed with visitors that can make things a bit more inconvenient for you and your wedding party, May and October are ideal.

The weather is warm but not unbearably hot, the winds might be strong at times but so they are during summer time too – especially August – and transport is so much easier. And of course you may save yourself and your guests some money as prices are lower than they are during high season and venues and shops are all open.

Extra Weather Tip for the new Mr & Mrs

Santorini is an island and that possesses a few limitations compared to a mainland location as for example strong wings can keep ships at ports and the airplanes from taking-off. Consider having a plan B if the weather doesn’t cooperate to save you from last minute trouble, stress and disappointment!

 Visit, visit, visit

You have seen all these lovely photos of weddings in Santorini but have you actually visited the island yourselves? It is the most absolutely necessary crucial mandatory thing (have we stressed this enough?) to do. This way you can see for yourselves and choose the venue that actually speaks to your heart, the hotels you and your guests will stay, the photographer who will capture your special day and of course you can meet with our team of experts to discuss about the aesthetics of your wedding in order to design, style and bring your vision to life. Did we mention that it’s a great opportunity for a small holiday break before your big day too?

Pamper your guests

What is wonderful about a destination wedding is that the bride, groom, families and guests spend more than just-event-time together. As Santorini is among the world’s top destinations it gets extremely busy from June to middle of September. It is therefore essential that you plan ahead for the transport of your guests (and yourselves too) on the island as taxis are impossible to find.

Organize their pick up and drop-off and have welcome bags full of essentials for the trip, like suntan lotion, bug spray and local delicacies delivered to their hotel rooms. Your guests will truly appreciate it and feel extra special.

Once everyone is on the island, you can host a welcome dinner for all of your guests and why not, brunch too.

Extra Care Tip for the new Mr & Mrs

If your family and friends will be vacationing on the island for a couple of days after your wedding, you should consider seeking accommodations at a different hotel, or ask for a room on a separate floor. Some time alone for the two of you should not be overlooked!

Expect the unexpected

Since your wedding will be held on a foreign country you should bear in mind that things might not turn out exactly the way you had them in mind. A foreign country means different culture and different rules that you should by all means respect.

If problems arise, take a deep breath, evaluate the issue and correct the problem with a laid-back mentality. Your special day will be absolutely perfect anyway!

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