Or An hymn to excellence

Shiny, matt or rusty, copper, bronze or antique, sequined, crackled or with sparkles, allover or just in details, gold will definitely find a way to make a bold decoration statement on your special day!

No wonder why brides A D O R E gold! It all possibly started with a gold engagement ring when you first dreamed of a romantic wedding scenery full of gold details. Or maybe it was that princess feeling you had when you first tried on the right wedding dress. Whatever your reason is, gold is the perfect option for a stylish wedding, especially if you wish to set a highly dramatic & outstanding wedding scenery. On top of it all, gold holds a strong decoration potential that your wedding designer will definitely embrace to make your special decorations looking more than unique.

And then Gold said: Let there be light… and sparkles and reflections!!!

The precious nature of the color is what makes gold finished elements looking nothing less than luxurious, creating an overall exclusive ambience with imposing visual outcome. Additonally, the metallic effect that usually comes with gold is what makes us loving that color even more. The mere thought of the candlelight, reflecting upon each gold surface, depicted vividly on your wedding photos, is one of the gd reasons to say “I do” to a goldish wedding theme!

Gold time classic

Looking back over the history, gold has always been a favorite decorative color followed by luxury vibrations. Furthermore, its perfect blending within neutral color pallets and its dazzling contrast among bold hues is what makes gold the master of timeless excellence! Go for gold as it never gets… old!

One more great reason to believe in… gold is its absolute fitting at every wedding style. Elegant or vintage, boho or rustic, your selected theme will be highlighted in grace with some gold color elements!

In Gold we trust

Pick gold to be your theme wedding color among other muted shades or use it as a supplementary accent to complete your selected color scheme. No matter the amount of gold to be used, be sure that effect that you will get will be nothing but stunning as gold only knows!

Even if you choose to just use hints of gold on some eye-catching details, know that gold will make quite an impression. Gold written stationary & gold detailed sweets are distinct occasions to easily WOW your guests. Dare to go for gold and let it shine!Shiny, matt or rusty, copper, bronze or antique, sequined, crackled or with sparkles, allover or just in details, gold will definitely find a way to make a bold decoration statement on your special day!

Gold… bless you!

Your wedding flowers do also love gold; if in doubt ask… orchids! Dare to use some gold accessory or ribbon on your bouquet to enhance your color theme. You can even consider incorporating some gold dyed seeds or succulents in your arrangements for extra stunning vibes!

The experts note: Gold matches greatly with plain greenery decorations. Combine your gold themed decoration with lush greenery garlands or even with fresh foliage details and keep the cost down and the thumbs up!

When in Santorini…

Gold is one of our brides’ favorite color, how couldn’t after all? In a magic Aegean island where the sun is always bright and the sunset… oh well, let’s say promising, gold is nothing less than the best option for a memorable destination wedding! Let the Santorinian sun shine over your goldish decoration details and have your guests stunned telling each other… It’s gold out there!

Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source: Vangelis Photography & Pinterest

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