Tall centerpieces? Low centerpieces? No centerpieces?

Designing your wedding can be really stressful at times, especially when it comes to details. You take the whole thing really personally as you want your special day to be perfectly arranged for you, your partner and your beloved ones and that’s why you care about every little thing. But which are actually the decoration details that do never go unnoticed? Let’s find out!

1. The I dos

Since your vows are the most romantic moment of the day, be sure that the attention of your guests will be focused on the sweet frame of you two that… you do!

Make the moment even more special by setting an unforgettable backdrop that will not only complement your wedding style but will also be unique.

In Santorini your ceremony will be held in some breathtaking-view venue, enhancing the overall experience. Choose the backdrop of your dreams and be sure that theAegean beauty will take it to the next level!

2. It’s the flower power

That’s right! Flowers can be a major decoration element to surprise your guests in a good way. That doesn’t mean over decorating the place or spending more than the affordable. Make sure to take a good look at the place so that you strategically pick some of its beautiful parts to highlight. It could be a balcony, the bar, the lobby, the pool, the stairs or some meeting point that your guests will be attracted to. Your wedding venue will be magical yet memorable with just a few extra touches of yours!

The experts’ note: The bridal table will be on the center of attention during the whole night. Dare to exaggerate a bit when it comes to its decoration and if so, just keep the rest of the tables’ centerpieces minimal.

3. Do me a favor

No guest will forget the favor he was kindly offered, attending your special day. Make sure you give some extra thought while choosing the giveaways your guests will take home as a reminder of your day.

The experts’ note: At a destination wedding there is nothing better than offering something local to your guests. In Santorini you have countless options of traditional products, wines or handcrafted souvenirs that can be incorporated with style even in your table setup.

4. Love is sweet

Ever wondered why dessert tables are a must have at wedding receptions? Well, who can resist in sugar, let alone some sugar displayed in a chic way? Best part of it… just the view of the table will melt your guests’ hearts who will never forget you treated them in such a sweet way!

5. Eat, drink & be married

As the night is also about good food and drinks, every relevant detail will be noticed. Give to your guests some food… for thought and keep them posted through cute & fancy customized menu boards. That’s a great idea for your signature cocktails as well!

6. Oh… snap

If you want every minute & every smile to be captured in your wedding photos which you will probably also share with the attendants at some point, make sure that you set a photo booth installation exceeding the expectations. A beautiful backdrop and some funny props is all your guests need to have a great time, snapping some memories to remain for a lifetime.

7. Love is all around

The first impression your guests will get, is also the one that mainly remains afterwards. Make sure to enhance the romantic & cozy atmosphere you have ever wished for your wedding scenery by any means. The easiest yet guaranteed way to achieve so is by trusting your lighting to the candles for extra stunning vibes and an absolutely memorable feeling!

What is the decoration detail you do never ignore at a wedding? Share your thoughts with us below, at the comments section!

Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source: Vangelis Photography  ( & Pinterest

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