Classic Chic Wedding

Lily and Mark met at their work place. “It was love at first sight” Lily admits but it took a few months before that long awaited magical first kiss finally happened.


As a couple, Lily and Mark, have quite different interests , however, they both share a love of sun and the sea swimming, snorkelling and adventure. Deciding where to get married was not a difficult decision for the couple though. “We went to Santorini on a holiday 3 years ago and just fell in love with it. It was just magical,” Lily says. Their wedding was a mixture of classic chic with a subtle classy rustic edge;


Lily adores glamour and sophistication whereas Mark is more of a rustic person loving everything wth a story and meaning. They exchanged their vows overlooking the caldera cliffs. Overhead, aetherial fabrics blended with the elegant fragility of orchids and the vintage beauty of roses and hydrangeas added to the day’s enchanting vibe.


As the sun slowly set, guests found their name beautifully tied on a rose and laid on the reception tables. Arrangements of hydrangeas, roses, and orchids in a tall glass vase surrounded by lower ones atop the round tables gave the decor a touch of timeless charm. After dinner guests hit the dance floor and partied all night.


See more inspirational details from this lovely wedding, below.


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