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A true gem in the Aegean Sea, like Hannah and Adam’s love, hidden inside their hearts, Santorini island in Greece, was the astonishing location for their spectacular wedding. An unveiled wedding story in Greece, which like the bride’s name Hannah, spelled backwards leaves the same heartfelt emotions as those in the beginning.

In a classy chalky long wedding gown, with a refined embroidery sleeveless finish top, the queen of the day, seizes the awaiting moments with her brides’ mates. The tranquil hairstyle is devoted to the winds of the sea since the only element that seizes her hair, is the long white veil. The couple’s lilies of their love valley are all united to the fascinating wedding bouquet; those emblematic wedding flowers underline the pure sensations and feelings of the groom to the bride! A refined navy-blue groom’s suit is what this wedding’s style orders. Santorini Gem, offering the most flawless majestic caldera views, hosts their romantic venue, where they exchanged vows of eternal love! A rising wedding setting detailed with sublime white orchids and pale green florals, underlines the unadulterated joy of the couple. Dinner table-tops, combine gold cutlery and white dots of the same hanging orchids, all on an outstanding pearly canvas!

Altering the couple’s backdrop, from perched to seaside views, that destination wedding in Santorini, flatters the eyes and touches the hearts!


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