Let’s talk about pink!

Let’s talk about pink and how to communicate with your flower designer!  Soft pink, pastel pink, pale pink, blush pink, light pink, baby pink, nude pink, dusty pink…

Who can really tell the difference among the different shades of pink?

Pink me baby one more time


Let’s admit it, brides LOVE pink. They do love pink as much as they do love peonies, lace, candles, (grooms J) etc. They want it everywhere: in their bouquets, their bridesmaids, the ceremony & reception details.

What happens when it comes to flowers? How easy is to pick the correct pink flower tone? Let me tell you a secret… Ask your flower designer!

Dr. Pink

Peonies, Roses, Ranunculus, Dahlias – all of the brides’ favorite flowers, come in different shades of pink that combined with other appropriate colors by your expert florists, will result in stunning arrangements that will enhance your selected color theme.

Your flower designer knows the exact tones of each flower. Ask them which is the most suitable for your decorations depending on the season and the overall style of your day! Keep in mind that flowers are living organisms and depending on the season their color might slightly change.

Always consider the weather conditions especially if you are planning a destination wedding. In Santorini for example, the sun during August will be tough on your flowers and your pink peonies will open their leaves showing their yellow stamens. Dahlias may possibly lose their leaves… Pick some flowers that will stay fresh & pinkish the whole time.

A pinkture is worth a thousand words

It’s highly possible that the pink tone you have in mind is not expressed with the correct word. Pale, soft, blush etc may indicate the same tone that definitely varies on each flower. Send photos to your florist showing the color result that you wish to have. Pinterest can greatly help you with that with the color moodboards you could easily share with us!


Just note that a vast amount of Pinterest photos are super edited creating unrealistic expectations. Most of the brides ignore the fact that pink peonies actually do not exist. The pinkish ones are in fact light magenta while the pale pink ones are almost white. An experienced flower designer would possibly suggest to use David Austin roses instead that are quite similar to peonies and do come in real pink.

Say I do to what is new

As brides love pink every year some new pink trend or tone pops out becoming the brides’ new favorite!

Rose gold & pink, sequin & pink, black & white with champagne pink are just a few of the past years trends that emerged straight out from the world of design & decoration. Keep your eyes open, and be the first to incorporate the latest decoration trends in your special day and just be the talk of the… brides!

In 2017 combine lighter and darker pink tones making your arrangements look nothing but monotonous. Single flower & symmetric arrangements are a matter of the past. Current trends show that free shape and mix & match is the new classic!

Adding colorful accents in a pinkish color theme will make pink seem more fresh yet stylish rather than being an overused wedding color.

Choose one impressive pink flower and go for the tropical theme that will definitely impress your guests!

Embrace the patterns making your pinky theme looking up to date!

Respect the classics. Pink & Gold is definitely on the first chapter of the Wedding reception handbook… J

Pink, pink, pink


Whatever pink tone you choose to go for, be sure that you pincked right as undoubtedly it will add this sweet & romantic tone you have ever dreamed for your special day…!


Pink is just classic in a unique way after all and let’s say no more as… in pink we trust!


Article: Vicky Panagopoulou | Image source: Pinterest

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